Health Policy Research Center (HPRC) is an academic center founded in October 2009 in Shiraz, Iran, in affiliation with Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, with Professor Kamran Bagheri Lankarani, previous minister of health of Islamic republic of Iran, as director. In this center we intend to benefit from experiences of the capable faculty members and experts in health related issues for effective policy making in health system. In this regard, HPRC uses its optimum capacities to hold seminars, congresses, workshops and support research projects which their results can lead to health related policies that are commensurate to regional, national and international health sector.

Following its’ objectives, HPRC has a special focus on health issues such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Cancer etc. Also health stewardship subjects like Health Economic, Health Equity, Access, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Coverage are in the center scope
Health policy Research Center
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