Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Transition

Health Policy Research Center  perspectives , strategies  and activities for Knowledge Translation

Health Policy Research Center (HPRC) as the pioneer of propagating the strategy of evidenced based policy making through promotion of knowledge translation (KT), made and hosted a scientific committee of thirty five faculty members in shiraz university of medical sciences (SUMS) for initial debating and starting of situational analysis about knowledge-practice gap in our setting. In parallel , two introductory workshops about KT were performed for agents of research centers and institutes of SUMS. HPRC also, begun to prepare a policy package of different researches with format of policy brief (1, 3, 25) for national health policymakers , that can also be used as a practical and tangible example of KT for trainees in subsequent workshops.

HPRC’s perspective and other activities regarding KT would be:

Promotion of knowledge translation (KT) required knowledge and skills for all stakeholders including policy and decision makers (at macro, intermediate and micro level), researchers, community and brokers and by means of making a strategic and action plan in collaboration with WHO as technical assistant and by participation of stakeholders (especially policy makers) to fulfill these objectives:

  • Supporting the Use of Research Evidence (SURE) for policy making in Iran health systems through establishment of Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) in this country
  • Learning of lessons from EVIPNet related programs and activities in other countries.
  • Building capacity and infrastructures to prepare and support the use of policy briefs.
  • Produce relevant, reliable, accessible and timely research syntheses ( secondary researches).
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of five strategies for improving access to and use of research evidence in policy development:

o    User-friendly formats for research syntheses

o    Clearing houses for research syntheses and policy relevant researches

o    Rapid response mechanisms to meet policymakers’ needs for research evidence within short time frames (hours or days)

o    Deliberative forums involving policymakers and researchers with the involvement of civil society and the general public

o    Supporting civil society’s and the general public’s access to and use of research evidence     
o    Evaluate collaborative initiatives between policymakers and researchers when using the above and other strategies to support evidence-informed health policy    

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