human rights

human rights

Human Rights and Health 

Responsible Expert: Dr. Hasan Khani- General practitioner, Health sciences researcher and National Human Rights Award in 1392

Scientific Council: Dr. Kamran Lankarani, Dr. Hassan Joulaei, Dr. Hasan Khani

Research Group: Human rights and health

A) Human rights:

Human rights is a central argument in all religious, philosophical and cultural systems and its centrality is due to the focus on human, duties, responsibilities, type of interaction and human rights especially in the social behavior context. From this perspective, human rights is one of the oldest debates in human life history. In the state-centered system which is the past few centuries’ product in the international system, human rights has focused on government’s relations with citizens and since this relations includes internal governance and international obligations simultaneously, human rights consists of political and governance aspects for all nations’ states. Governance aspects has made human rights to a political-security issue. The collapse of the bipolar system deepened human rights’ political, sovereignty and security aspects; so that it can be said that human rights is the most political issue in the current international atmosphere and almost all governments somehow challenge with its political and sovereignty aspects.

b) Human rights and health:

Following the efforts of the international community in support of human rights, factors affecting the realization of human rights were recognized. Among the economic, social and cultural rights, the right to health has been recognized one of the most fundamental human rights in the International system of human rights. The right to health has the inseparable link to the right to life (the first generation of human rights) and on the other hand, is tied to the right to health and social security. Furthermore, the right to a healthy environment, which belongs to the third generation of human rights, also originates from the right to health. Therefore, the right to health can be treated as a link between different generations of human rights. The right to health as a human right has a great value in national and international documents and it can be considered as a generally accepted principles in developed legal systems. On the other hand, according to the fact that the cornerstone of sustainable development is a healthy person, and believing that healthy citizens alone can be the reason of a country and community’s magnitude and power, governments should perform necessary actions for diseases’ prevention and treatment. The importance of health as a fundamental right to life is obvious. Health is a capability that gives value to human. When governments do not pay attention to this important matter, organizations and individuals interested in this topic play an important role in this area.


Subject necessity

Human Rights and Health Research Group, based on existing capabilities, is committedly trying to promote the culture of respect for human rights and health at national and international level with approach to countries in Southwest Asia, Eastern Mediterranean Region, is a member of Organization of the Islamic Conference, a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and the international level that with the creation of appropriate administrative infrastructure and knowledge-based approach that leads to:

1) Identifying, editing, developing documentary culture and providing experiences and desired practices of human rights and health more transparently.

2) Exchanging experiences and providing available and golden opportunities regarding to development policies and programs to create more favorable conditions for providing services and human rights activities in the health field by activists and human rights supporters in the local, national, regional and international level.

3) Explaining human rights and health diplomacies as a diplomatic tool in Iran's international relations especially in Eastern Mediterranean Regional Countries.

4) Improve Iran's position as one of the activists in the health field with the centrality of placing the sacred system of the Islamic Republic in promoting human rights and health at national and international level.

5) Annual donation of human rights and Shiraz health prize in order to improve Iran's position as one of the real defenders of human rights in national and international level.



A)    Audiences at national level;

Three branches of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Scientific academies of the country

Universities in the country

Research institutes, Institutes and research centers

Organizations, institutions, governmental and non-governmental offices and companies

Non-Governmental Organizations

And other true defenders of human rights at the national level

B)    International audience:

International organizations

Governments around the world

Universities around the world

Research institutes, Institutes and research centers around the world

Organizations, institutions, governmental and non-governmental offices and companies around the world

Non-Governmental Organizations around the world

And other true defenders of human rights at the national level


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